Saturday, April 4, 2009

500 Backpacks: 2 Hours!

Last night (April 3rd) a group of adventurous souls showed up to fill and pack the backpacks that will be taken to the Reservation this summer. We set a record this year by filling and packing 500 backpacks in 2 hours! It was a hot and tiring job but everyone had a great attitude and make it a lot of fun. One person confessed to eating erasers when they were a kid. I am not saying who that is but I'm now wondering why we ran out of erasers before we ran out of backpacks ;) Jessy, the youngest of the group declared "this is kinda fun".

Thanks to the following people for their help:

Ellen Sizemore
Judy Foley
Tina Smith
Gary Histman
Sheri Hitsman
Jessy Hitsman
Jean Hitsman
Wint Martin
Nirvana Martin
Sabyle Martin
Sydney Martin
Charles Jackson
Brandon Whitaker
Brian Buriff

Click on the pics for a larger view

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