Saturday, March 7, 2009

8KOunt Performing @ REZonate

8 KOunt will be performing at REZonate this year. They have headlined at the WEBN fireworks and have been described as "the best ROCK band in Cincinnati" by Rockstars Glued
8 KOunt is a hard-driving modern rock band that has scored international attention in Metal Edge, Hit Parader, Concrete Corner and Fuse television.

"Once the band hit the stage, it was Rock and Roll at it's best! 8KOunt is the BEST Rock band in Cincinnati. Hands down. They will take you on a Rock and Roll ride from beginning to end. The energy and talent of this band cannot be denied. They are the tightest band that I have heard in years... Perfection!” “If you aren't rockin' out in your car to an 8KOunt CD, you should be! This is the band that is going to make it. They have everything that the music industry needs right now, and I know that they will kick a** in your town soon!”
Rockstars Glued

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