Saturday, August 15, 2009

1500 Notebooks

This week has been busy. Not only are we gearing up for our big fundraiser, the REZonate Music Fest & Charity Bike Ride, but it's also the time of year to shop for school supplies. I found some great deals at Target and Walmart. So far I've got 1500 notebooks, 1500 pencils, 1500 pens and 1500 packs of crayons.

We are hoping to do more next year than we did this year. This year we took 550 backpacks out. As of right now we really only have the funds to do 350 next year but we're going to take a step of faith and shoot for 500 (hence the 1500 notebooks, etc - we put 3 in each backpack). The tough economy has been a challenge but we can make a little bit go a long way. I believe we may even be surprised to find that we will be able to do even more and I'll be out beating the bushes for good deals on even more school supplies.

These are the notebooks on my dining room table. Now for the energy to carry them all upstairs. :)

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