Thursday, February 12, 2009

What Does a Rock Band, a Bar, a Pastor's Wife, a Heating and Air Conditioning Guy and a Plumber Have in Common?

Its always amazing to me how things happen ... how one thing can touch someone and cause them to take action and before you know it, there's more good things happening. A case in point is that last summer when we did the REZonate Music Fest, we took one of the bands out to lunch. The guys from 8 Lives Spent had just gone above and beyond anything we ever expected. They drove all the way from Winchester, VA to Cincinnati, OH, bringing all of their equipment and families with them and would accept no payment at all - not even traveling expenses. They did it because they want to help make a difference in the lives of the Lakota people. At that lunch, Brian Holt, the drummer, asked me what they needed at Pine Ridge. I replied that they need heaters. Just that year we had learned that some of the people there resort to burning their furniture for heat when they run out of propane and cannot afford to buy more. If they had some space heaters, they would be able to at least have some source of heat.

Well, that touched Brian and he went back to Winchester and began making plans for a benefit to raise money for heaters. This past January, 8 Lives Spent, Tom Fitzgerald, Michael Fath and Brent Woodall played at The Virginia Brewing Company for that benefit. They raised $1500!

I came home and contacted Roy Hauser of Hauser Heating and Air who has also been a HUGE supporter of Backpacks For Pine Ridge. Roy got a good deal on heaters and last week Brody Jacobs of Jacobs Plumbing and Excavating picked them up! The 42 heaters are now sitting ready to go to the Rez this summer when the truck leaves. That means that 42 families will have heat next winter that may not otherwise have it.

Yes, its amazing.

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