Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Beautiful Giving

The doorbell rang a bit ago and as I opened the door the UPS guy was leaving. There was a small box on my doorstep so I brought it inside wondering what in the world it might be. I don't remember ordering anything recently.

The box was a beauty supply box. Strange, I was sure I didn't order any beauty supplies.(might need to do that though) The box was addressed to me so I cut it open and dug through the packaging.

And there in the bottom of the box was a bag of school supplies. Some glue, pen, pencils, erasers and rulers - all EXACTLY what I have asked for. A note was attached by someone in Pittsburgh, PA apologizing for not being able to give more.

Amazing. Just amazing.

I love it when CEO's of big companies get on board as they have this week, but I am completely touched all the way to the bottom of my heart when a complete stranger gives all they can afford to give.

Its appropriate that the package came in a beauty supply box. That kind of giving is indeed beautiful.

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