Friday, April 25, 2008

I Love it When a Lot of People Pull Together

Not to get me wrong, I love BIG donations to Backpacks For Pine Ridge too, but I just love it when a lot of people pull together in small ways to make things happen.

Today was weird ... I got the following messages/mail.A letter from England with a check for Backpacks for Pine Ridge. England?? Now that is strange enough but this is even stranger .... he said he read about us in True West magazine. I have no idea what or who or where True West magazine is or how in the world we got in it, but we're apparently in it and they must have my home address because the check came to my house. Weird. But wonderful.

I also got a message from a friend on the Backpacks myspace saying that the auto repair shop she works for in Tacoma, WA has set out a donation jar for us. How cool is that? Yeah, it may be pocket change but hey, it all adds up.

Good things are happening.

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